Pro-Karate Beginners FAQ

How do I get myself (or my child) involved?

Come along and talk to us about the class options that will suit you or your child. We would be happy to have you along for a ‘free trial lesson’.
We run our classes safely and within safe instructor to pupil ratios, so it is important that students register prior to attending a class and also make their presence known so we can introduce you to everyone.

We must know about any medical conditions and emergency contact details, however, should you choose to commit to lessons, you will need to apply for membership and licence. We will provide the relevant form to complete. Please check our Lesson Timetables (see menu above) to ensure you choose the most suitable class for you or your child.
If you are unsure then please do contact us.

I don’t yet have a Gi (karate suit), so what should I wear?

Beginners can wear a tracksuit or tracksuit trousers with a T-shirt during your free trial period, but anything that feels comfortable to you and doesn’t restrict your movement. Once you are committed to continue lessons, you will be expected to purchase and wear your Gi to every lesson. We will offer you a starter pack which will include your Gi, gloves, white belt and Pro-Karate embroidered badge.

Do I need to become a Pro-Karate Club member?

Do talk to us if you are unsure about your initial Pro-Karate club membership commitment. Once you have taken your free trail lesson and you are ready for membership, you will be asked to complete a Karate licence application form, which also provide you with your mandatory insurance cover.

You can pay cash for your lessons, but becoming a member and setting up a payment standing order makes membership more affordable.

Membership options depend on which level of ability you have and the number of family members. We have great value family discounts, so the more people in your family, who attend classes, the better value you enjoy.

Lessons are available Monday to Friday and one great feature of our club is that you can train as often as you like!

What age does a Pro-Karate member need to be?

We teach children from the age of four upwards. Because children are different and some are more confident than others, your child will most likely be the person to decide if they are ready for Karate. You too will be able to judge whether your child is ready to start and you are very welcome to bring them along for a free trial period.

Of course there is no upper limit for adults! And there are some very friendly classes specifically suitable for adult members of all ages.